Meet The Team

Cham M.

Co-owner and founder, Chamelle M. Born in Florence, OR and now living in Eugene, Cham is our TJ’s shop mom, cannabis aficionado, budtender, delivery driver, administrative assistant, shop supply distributor, hug dispenser, furniture mover, super premium alphabetical filer, love note leaver and morale pollinator. Cham’s favorite strain is MTF and she calls it her ‘gratitude strain’ because, as Cham states, it “has a lovely uplifting effect that lets me see things with a positive, appreciative perspective.

Her greatest achievement and joy is having raised 3 kind, inspiring, and loving humans. Cham is also so proud of the Forrest Initiative, TJ’s donation program for children in need of medical cannabis. In Cham’s words, “to be able to contribute in such profound and positive ways for the children/families we serve makes me happy to my very core. I’m honored that TJ’s has been able to have an influence in so many lives.

Cham reiterates that “I am grateful every day that I get to do this important and rewarding work, know the caring and passionate people in the TJ’s family, and contribute to and be supported by our cannabis community. I am a part of something that I never expected and it’s beautiful.”


Travis is co-owner and co-president of TJ’s Organics in Washington and TJ’s Gardens in Oregon. He currently oversees all retail operations in Oregon, is responsible for the extraction department, as well as day-to-day operations. Travis enjoys spending time with his family. Travis is known for forging friendships in the community where he lives and works and is a highly respected businessman and Eugene resident.

Ariana G.

TJ’s presents Ariana G, our Manager of TJ’s on Willamette in downtown Eugene. 27 years old and from McMinnville, Oregon, Ariana graduated from U of O in 2013 with a B.S. in Biological Anthropology, and has been with TJ’s since October of 2015. Ariana’s favorite strain is TJ’s OGKB because of it’s ability to remind her of what’s important when she needs a perspective shift.

Alex C.

TJ’s presents Alex C. Alex was born in Williams, Oregon and will be a U of O Alum in Media Studies as of June 2018. At 23 years old, Alex has been in the cannabis industry for over 5 years in positions such as budtender, shift lead, and most recently, social media and marketing. Alex has been with TJ’s since summer of 2015, and her favorite strain is OGKB. Alexis passionate about de-stigmatizing cannabis, photo-journalism, intersectional equality, and making positive changes in the world.

Jon L.

TJ’s presents Jon L. Born and raised in Salem, Oregon, Jon is 27 years old and works as lead budtender at TJ’s on Willamette. He has worked for TJ’s since October of 2016, has been in the cannabis industry for over four years, and has budtended since before the state legalized recreational use. His favorite strain is TJ’s MK Ultra. Jon has been a medical cannabis caregiver and extract artist since 2011. He’s passionate about ice water extraction, rosin production, organic cultivation, and “constantly seeking to further my knowledge of the plant”.

Amanda D.

TJ’s Presents Amanda D. Born in Canada and raised throughout the State of Oregon, Amanda is 26 years old, has been in the cannabis industry for over three years and has been working at TJ’s since February of 2017. She began as a budtender, moved up to a lead and now works on the media marketing team coordinating and producing content. Amanda’s favorite strain is TJ’s OGKB. She majored in journalism with a focus in multimedia at the University of Oregon, however, her academic career began in biology. She enjoys creating entertaining content for social media and marketing but “thoroughly enjoys diving into the science behind the plant whenever I can”.

Lindsey R.

TJ’s presents Lindsey R. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and recently transplanted to Oregon, Lindsey is a budtender and an all-around cannabis enthusiast for TJ’s. Lindsey’s favorite strain is TJ’s Purple Kush, and she has a passion for natural health and helping other people to feel like the best versions of themselves possible. Lindsey’s favorite part about working in the cannabis industry is connecting with customers (from adults, to pets, and children in need of medicine) and seeing so many people reap the benefits in every walk of life from this plant. Lindsey is also an advocate for The Forrest Initiative and she loves making a difference in her community.

Wilson G.

TJ’s presents Wilson G. Wilson is 27 years young and is born and raised as a ‘hybrid’ child of Las Vegas, Nevada and Sandy/Heber, Utah. Wilson is a shop manager, budtender, receptionist, garden employee, and ‘boomerang’ aficionado among many other titles for TJ’s. Wilson has 3 children with his wife Michelle, and is a retired USMC Sergeant of 5yr 9mo. His favorite strain is TJ’s Purple Kush as it satisfies his need for high CBG, and he attributes his success in this industry to a long list of employees and comrades who showed him the way. Wilson is adamant about helping medical patients in the community, and wants all to know that “this industry was built on backs of people just striving for the right to a natural and sustainable quality of life.” “Mni Wiconi – Water is Life. Semper Fi till’ I die.”

Jasmine M.

TJ’s presents Jasmine M. Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Jasmine is 24 years old and is a lead budtender for TJ’s Provisions. Jasmine’s favorite strain is Pineapple Express. She has memorized every word of the Broadway hit “Hamilton” and will always ask to pet your dog. ”

Freddie F.

TJ’s presents Freddie F. Freddie is 28 was born and raised in Colorado, just outside of Denver in Lakewood. Freddie’s favorite strain is TJ’s Mad Scientist, as he describes that “its immediate onset addresses my muscle tensions and allows me to melt into a deep state of relaxation without pulling me to bed too quick.” Achievements in his life include being able to cultivate more awareness around CBD rich strains and the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Freddie has taught workshops and educated others around regenerative, off grid living practices, and has also propagated living fermentation concoctions to amend soil, while bringing life back to barren areas. He’s Helped build water catchment systems for low moisture climate and people with little access. Some of his favorite past-time activities include making jewelry from things in nature, and intimate late night jams into the morning. “Cannabis, love, and culture!”